Polaris pearls

Polaris pearls are manufactured at a factory in Italy. The material is a polyester resin, which is cast as a base material in bars and plates. The pearls are milled out of the initially white blocks and then dyed by hand, which occasionally leads to deviations in the colour tones. Finally, the pearls are slightly roughened on the surface using a process similar to drumstones to polish them, which gives them their typical matte complexion. Polaris has a beautiful pearlescent sheen. As with freshwater pearls, the more the chain is worn, the more beautiful it becomes, because this effect becomes even more intense through skin contact.

Metal beads and medallions

The Filigri medallions and metal rings, circles, symbols and pearls used are manufactured by a Greek manufacturer in Athens. They are made of brass, which gets the appropriate colour with an alloy of electroplating, silver or gold.

Satin ribbons

The "Minimal" model uses satin ribbons made from a polyester company in Switzerland. They are used in 3mm thickness and are of excellent quality and can be washed up to 60° C.

Swarovski elements crystal beads

The crystal beads used here are exclusively made by Swarovski in Austria and are used almost only in the 4mm double cone shape, because this particular dimension is an excellent complement to Polaris beads. With their diamond cut, the small crystals sparkle and shine in a fascinating way and give light and vibrancy to the piece of jewellery. The various hues of the Swarovski elements frame the beautiful Polaris beads, giving each piece individual character and nuance.

Stainless steel jewellery wire with a nylon sheath

This special jewellery wire is an excellent material to line up the pearls. It is a miniature wire rope and is manufactured in a factory in southern Germany. It is supple enough to lie soft on the body and at the same time is stiff enough to maintain the natural swing of the chain. It is made from several twisted strands of high-quality stainless steel, which meet the highest demands in terms of flexibility and strength. The nylon coating ensures a long service life and permanent flexibility as well as good protection against abrasion.

925. Sterling silver

All closures are made of 925th Sterling silver and optionally gold-plated or given an alloy of rhodium, which makes them hypo-allergenic and completely allergy-free.

Other materials

Some designs use glass beads that come from the Czech Republic, China, Germany and Italy. Accessories and plastic beads come from Germany and Greece.

Jewellery Elastic Cord (Stretch Magic)

The Jewellery Elastic Cord used here is ideal for items such as bracelets, as it is stretchable up to twice its initial length and permanently retains its soft elasticity and is very durable. It is manufactured in the same factory in southern Germany as the jewellery wire.


The standard ear hooks, eyelets and pins for earrings are made of silver-plated brass and are nickel-free. They are tested at regular intervals by an independent institute in Germany. But here too, 925th sterling silver or 925th sterling silver with an alloy of rhodium can be used. The ear hooks made from silver come from the same manufacturer in southern Germany that creates the stringing material and the ear hooks made of silver with rhodium alloy are handmade in a manufactory in Athens.